Plants and components for the refractory industry

Competence for the complete production process

Münstermann designs, develops and produces units, which cover the whole production process of refractory materials. Starting with the production of raw materials to the production dimensions, it goes on to the complex die-based components. In many cases a long-standing partnership with our customers exists and we design and develop new production concepts together for future products. In the course of this we restrict ourselves not only to the detailed product solutions but also complete whole production lines for our customers.

Advantages of the newly developed solutions

  • Integration of the available sources of energy in our system in order to achieve a most effective performance level
  • Excellent temperature and air flow distribution with a very high energy efficiency of the units
  • Robust exhaust air extraction solutions, which guarantee the products a long life cycle in the cases of abrasive and/or sulphurous products
  • Elimination of odours, hydrocarbons and other similar gases produced by gases of up to 300°C
  • Experience with large-scale projects and installations world-wide – including project management – where appropriate as the General Contractor for the design, development and production of complete production lines
  • Wide range of variations and possibilities: even years after commissioning the ovens can be adapted by simple modifications to fit changing production requirements (e. g. changes of air flow directions, re-equipping of zones). It is never too late.

Portfolio of goods and services

  • Drying and thermo-processing units with and without injection of moisture
  • Tempering ovens:
    • Seal-welded or panel design
    • Explosion-proof design
    • Gas-tight doors
  • Components and devices for the handling of stoneware and dies
  • Carriage systems and other components such as transfer cars and turntables
  • Exhaust gas extraction systems
    • Filter and dedusting units
    • Catalytic exhaust air treatment units
  • In addition basic and detailed engineering as turnkey projects
  • The complete control and visualization system of the unit
    • Complex solutions up to the control system
    • Simple and robust solutions