Basic forming section with one of the revoking walls beside it
Basic forming section with one of the revoking walls beside it

Forming section with basic main functions

For more than a decade Münstermann has been a sort-after supplier of forming sections for the glass wool industry.

In the recent past the demand for forming sections with simple basic functions has increased. As a specialist producer of machines, Münstermann has always difficulties until now with enquiries for simple basic facilities with elementary functions, which fulfilled the customers wishes.

New markets in emerging nations and developing countries and Eastern Europe

In order to be able to serve the growing markets in the emerging nations and developing countries the product planning of a basic model for a forming section was carried out within the framework of a project assignment. The aim of the working party was to produce a solution without undermining the high production, design and development and engineering standards. Or in other words: the machine is to remain a Münstermann machine although only basic functions are integrated into it.

Successful product planning for special machine engineering.

Under these conditions a concept, under the supervision of Florian Höft, for a standard forming section has been developed. This concept is characterised by its innovative modular design. It is for a small glass wool production line with a net width of 1,200 mm and designed for 2 to 5 fibrerizing machines. The combination of many years of experience, the utilisation of the application of economic, well-tried further developments is characteristic of the basic model of the fibre forming section. It has therefore been above all, designed fort he needs of the small and middle-sized producers in the glass wool branch world wide. The container-sized design makes economic transport of the Münstermann products ‚made in Germany’ possible.

Concept already successfully taken into service.

In the first project the first basic fibre forming section has been produced according to plan with the renovation of a production line in the spring of 2013. Pavel Gromus, Managing Director of the Czech glass wool producer UNION LESNI BRANA, a. s., expressed his decision at the end of the project negotiations for a new fibre forming section – the basic solution model – as follows:

Despite the 10% difference in price compared to the competitors, there is only one reason why we decided to entrust you with this project: quality made in Germany

Product and service quality are sort-after characteristics in markets.