Fibre forming section with supply pipe and exhaust air system
Fibre forming section with supply pipe and exhaust air system

Forming section for white wool

Münstermann has supplied Knauf Insulation with its first forming section for a white wool production unit.

The scope of delivery extends over the whole unit between the spinners and the packaging section. White wool is so called because the material is not applied with a binding agent and packed directly into sacks after the forming section. As the fibres are not exposed to a curing process in an oven no discolouration of the fibres occurs. White wool is mainly used to insulate hollow spaces in which case the wool is often simply blown into the open spaces.

Scope of delivery more than just a forming section

This order became a turnkey project as apart from the forming section the complete range of peripheral hardware was also supplied. Münstermann was thus responsible for the complete exhaust air treatment. Along with the material feed system for the spinners a material recovery system consisting of the removal of loose fibres and their return into the system by means of a suction process was also supplied. Finally the complete control system (hardware and software) was designed and developed by our Measurement and Control Department.

Special product white wool

White wool is not yet employed in Europe to the same extent, for example, as in North America. It was a very interesting project for Münstermann as we were able to extend our experience in the sector glass wool with this type of unit. Curing ovens and forming sections as required in the production of glass and stone wool are one of the core competences of Münstermann.

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