Curing ovens – Basis of the product quality

Curing ovens for the drying of the glass wool and the curing of the binders during production of the different glass wool qualities is one of Münstermann’s core competences. The diversity of production with regard to density, the fibre units, the fineness of the fibres, the thickness of the material, the width of the material and the output of glass wool are allowed for in the appropriate units: Design of ovens producing an output of up to 200 tonnes per day.

  • The effectiveness of the curing ovens is optimised by an efficient sealing system at the important material processing positions.
  • Safety aspects are taken account of during the design and development phase.
  • Modernisation and modification of existing units are possible at any time.

The modular construction of the ovens allows for an uncomplicated adjustment to the production capacity during the planning phase but also makes an extension of the unit quite simple even after years of operation.