Competence in mineral wool

One of the core competences of Münstermann is the design, development and assembly of units for glass and stone (rock) wool production. Curing ovens as well as forming sections, which collect the spun glass fibres and transport them to the curing oven, are designed and produced. In addition, we have longtime experience with systems for line dedusting.

Along with the production of the plants you as the customer can also benefit from the many years of experience in the project work and installation of these units. It is possible, when requested, to take on the complete project process from the concept phase to taking into operation.

Our plants are able to produce a capacity of up to 200 tonnes glass per day with one production line. Typical net widths of the plants are 1,200 or 2,400 mm.

Advantages at a glance 1

  • Conception, design, development, and production of curing ovens, forming sections and line dedusting units according to the customer’s requirements and production performance
  • Ovens and forming sections for mats, boards, pipes and white wool
  • Compact construction: fans and burners are integrated into the oven casing
  • Ease of servicing the ovens and forming sections are an important characteristic of the units
  • Extremely short installation time: This is also true of modification programmes of existing plants

Advantages at a glance 2

  • Experience with large projects and installation world-wide including project management, if necessary, with local experts.
  • Diversity: even years after start of operation the units can easily be modified to suit new demands of production processes. (Changes of directions of air flow or new zone retrofits, for example)
  • Excellent temperature and air flow distribution is made possible by the reciprocal layout of the burners and the fans. This characteristic is not only advantageous for the product but also the even use of the unit (synchronous chain operation).
  • Optimal machine conditions for the flights:
    • Quadruple air circulation
    • Even temperature distribution