Solutions for the production area of smelting furnaces

Cupola furnaces

From the cupola furnace head to crude gas piping, pre-separators (cyclone separator) fully-automatic de-dusting filters, airflow coolers, fans, pure gas piping, and chimney and control system we are at your side as a professional and competent system supplier.

Optionally we offer you the integration of a blast rate control system together with the level control for the furnace.

Induction furnaces

For the fusing of metals in induction furnaces we supply our customers with well-engineered and solid hydraulic furnace hoods. With the NEOTECHNIK filter systems one or more furnaces can be de-simultaneously dusted either collectively or individually. All steps in the process are optimally regulated by a fully-automatic under-pressure control system.

Arc furnaces

De-dusting solutions for arc furnaces are supplied with well-developed fluidic enclosures (dog-house). In most cases here a air cooler can be dispensed with.

Rotary furnaces and converters

Reliable, mobile enclosures for de-dusting converters or rotary furnaces can be offered custom-made to suit your particular case of application.

For flue gas, vapours or different types of dust, which arise during the processing and melt treatment in pans or converters we offer robust and reliable working solutions.

In order to separate high concentrations of sulphur in flue gas or for the reduction other unwanted exhaust gases we offer solutions to disperse additives in the exhaust gas stream. These metering devices, which function automatically, assist you to keep within the legal emission limits.