Central dedusting for a core moulding shop
Central dedusting for a core moulding shop

Central dedusting for a core moulding shop

A German carmaker relies on energy-efficient solutions from Münstermann in its coremoulding shop in one of its foundries.

Modernization and centralization

The aim of the project was to replace several smaller dedusting systems with a large central dedusting solutions. One of the reasons was the high cost of spare parts and the inadequate availability of cartridge filters. The new filter system from Münstermann regenerates the filter elements material-friendly with only max. 0.05 bar purging air and therefore does not require compressed air. The operation with purging air is possible via an energy-efficient raw gas flow within the filter system according to the so-called "down-flow principle (DFP)", which also maximizes the service life of the filter material and ensures minimum emissions.

Turn Key project

From the beginning, the customer attached great importance to a wear-resistant design. A complete system consisting of engineering, production, delivery, installation and commissioning was delivered..

Included in the delivery were the crude gas pipes, a NFS 760-574-S purge air filter, the fan house including free-standing chimney system, a spark extinguishing system, the pneumatic conveyor system for the dust and the overall control including visualization.

Some performance data

  • Filter surface 861 m²
  • Clean gas dust content < 5 mg / m³
  • Fan power: 200 kW
  • Dust type: quartz sands