Belt dryer for ceramic parts
Belt dryer for ceramic parts

Belt dryer for ceramic parts

A current project for a belt dryer shows that active customer development is becoming more and more important for us.

In recent years, the trend has shown that some customers are becoming more and more relevant to Münstermann. At the same time, we are gaining in importance as a supplier to these globally active customers. Collaboration with such companies is a challenge that a local supplier does not have to meet. Global presence, for example, in the service becomes more important.

Communication changes

Challenges also arise in communication. For example, contacts are changing more frequently, especially for large corporations. Communication with local employees of the customer may be more difficult due to cultural differences, and there are often already established competitors. For this reason, Münstermann has introduced an active key account management system some time ago.

Projects in Asia

A good example of active customer development are two current projects in the area of ​​drying technology for a globally active chemical company. As a long-standing European supplier, Münstermann is equipping Asian customer sites with belt dryers for ceramic parts.. In numerous meetings with local employees of the customer, we were able to build confidence and certainty that Münstermann can also deliver and commission plants in the usual quality and reliability on a global scale.