Transportation solutions and material handling for the ceramic industry

Whether it is for roofing tiles, lining bricks or facing bricks we transport heavy clay products just as we transport porcelain plates or wash-basins made of fine ceramics. In brick production, as well as with fine ceramics, it depends primarily on high cycle times and gentle transportation of loaded kiln cars which are very liable to tip.

Our complete oven transportation system is made up out of transfer cars, linear conveyors in the storage areas as well as loading and unloading rail tracks and also positioning facilities for the kiln cars which are specially designed for these special requirements. They enable a gentle but also a quick transportation so that your unit can be run at maximum capacity.

As is common in the ceramics industry heavy soiling occurs during production but our units are so designed that this soiling does not affect the function of the conveyors.

Our conveyors often used in this branch, as for example, chain conveyors, cable pull units or hydraulic feed units are specially designed to fit the task in hand. In this way a new unit can be offered to enable you run the unit economically as well as modernising an old unit.