Belt calciner during errection at Münstermann
Belt calciner during errection at Münstermann

Belt calciner for a chemical company operating worldwide

One of the core competences of Münstermann is the design, development and production of continuous and belt dryers and ovens.

In a current project a medium-sized continuous flow oven is being produced that can calcine a chemical bulk material at up to 600 °C. The dimensions of the unit are 22 x 4 x 7 metres (length x breadth x height).

To calcine means to heat a solid material in order to decompose or dehydrate it.

Special features of the project

The assembly of the oven was a real challenge. Normally a unit is assembled in an existing or newly built building.

In this actual case the assembly took place in close cooperation with the customer as the unit had to be assembled chronologically with the building progress of the production hall in several phases. This meant that the many years of experience in the assembly of special units gathered by Münstermann could be called on.