View of the interior: Drawers are completely extractable
View of the interior: Drawers are completely extractable

Trials unit for customers’ test centre

One of the latest projects for one of the world’s largest producers of catalytic converters and diesel particle filters is a comparatively small project, however, the technical details of the unit demonstrate how demanding it was.

Short description

The current oven is the third trials oven that we have supplied to our customer. Along with each unit aiming at a capacity increase and batch production the current oven is designed as a replacement for a competitor’s unit.

The unit has been kept compact (3 x 3 x 3 metres) and is equipped with 4 effective spaces. Although of small design it is broken down into three parts so that they can be assembled in the customer’s tightly spaced test centre.

Everything is adjustable and accessible

Not only the design is a convincing part of the unit but also the interior of the machine. The 4 effective spaces are equipped with automatic independent control systems, even when a door opens. The independent adjustability is made possible by the electro-pneumatic control valves in the air duct. The temperatures and also the various recipes for the respective spaces can be set.

Both the highest volume of air and also the highest pressure for trials are made possible by the installation of 137 kW fan and with a 400 kW heat register can react to sudden temperature changes. Completely extractable drawers and quick fasteners round off the unit.