Plants and components for battery production

Conventional or fast curing

Münstermann designs and manufactures equipment for the production of battery plates as used in normal industrial or automotive batteries. The plates usually produced in stacks at the end of the continuous battery production are cured and dried in curing and drying chambers for a period of one to several days. 

There is a faster way

In addition to the conventional curing chambers, Münstermann also offers so-called fast curing chambers according to the Concure method, in which the plate ripening takes place in 4 hours. Concure is a patented high-speed curing process in which the plates do not cure in the chambers for more than 30 hours, as in conventional processes, but in only 4 hours. For details on the procedure, see the following article: Cost-saving manufacturing process for batteries.

Material handling also available

A special unit has been developed for an automatic loading and unloading operation of the chambers, which automatically loads the loaded stacking magazines into the chambers and, after the curing and drying process, also automatically unloaded again. Finally, a second robot ensures that the pallets are unloaded. The empty pallets are then fed back behind the chambers via a feedback system and are thus again available for the loading of new pasted plates.