Transfer cars and turntables

Individually solved or as a standard solution

Münstermann designs, develops and optimises transfer cars according to your special needs. For certain branches we offer standard solutions as a modular design. Whether we upgrade an existing plant, build extensions or supply a completely new development, whether they are simple designs or servo-technology for the highly dynamic operation – our customers always profit from our experience in the most differing areas of application.

Have you to deal with a very high payload or a conveyor system with high pushing forces? Then concentrate on the transfer cars from Münstermann. The one or two-sided model is standard for us – on the basis of your requirements we can produce Transfer cars and turntables every type of special solution. Typical uses are the transport of tunnel kiln cars, tunnel dryer cars or rack trolleys.

Turntables for many different uses

The turntables from Münstermann are designed and developed for simple and quick assembly and are based on a modular design. They can be adjusted for height and are fitted with adjusting devices for exact positioning and for rail track crossings. A turning range of 360° or a lifting gear in the disc is likewise possible.

The needs for operational safety are growing steadily. The modernisation of older machines specially requires much experience in the choice of the correct safety measures. Münstermann has this experience. Our transfer cars and turntables can be equipped with modern safety components such as laser scanners or safety switch actuator strips.

Control system included

The core competence of a modern transfer car or turntable is an optimal control system. In most cases we fit the switch cabinet on the platform. The wiring of the sensors and actuators is cabled to a terminal box which is to be connected to the customers control system. Control is made by illuminated pushbuttons, touch or mobile panels. On request all drive systems can be frequency controlled.

Modern sensor components ensure correct positioning. The track selector switches are produced as inductive laser range finders. In addition laser range finder or rotary encoders are used on the drive motor.

Your advantages

  • Tailored to meet your needs: designed specially for your individual needs
  • Easy to handle: exchange of existing transfer cars without additional foundation work
  • Efficient: rebuild of old plants with a minimum of downtime
  • Gentle on the materials: safe transport for even products liable to tip
  • Quick: high dynamic drives for short cycle times Experienced: extensively used and well-tried
  • technology made available to many branches
  • Budget oriented: economic investment in modular systems
  • Flexible: customers’ wishes are implemented directly by our Design Department

 Münstermann builds transfer cars and turntables for

  • Heavy clay and fine ceramic industries (bricks, dishes etc.)
  • Refractory materials
  • Production of fire protection glass
  • Lime sandstone and aerated concrete industry
  • Production of stoneware
  • Food industry