Linear transportation systems and conveyors

Important components as a quality warranty for the plant

Conveyor and transportation components are decisive for the successful functioning of a complete plant. Münstermann offers a wide range of solutions.

Linear transportation systems

Cable pull units, roller conveyors, rail track systems, angular transfers, chain and belt conveyors – all possible components of your transport systems. All in all these are easy-to-operate control, computer and safety systems as well as visualised production processes designed for a perfect implementation of your logistic piece good transport systems.

Under floor conveyors

Münstermann’s feeding devices are special builds and are also designed for very high shearing forces. There are positive and frictionally engaged transport systems like cable pull units, chain conveyors, rack conveyors, special transport solutions or friction wheel conveyors.

Hydraulic pushing devices to apply high forces

These components are recommended as a solution to provide high pushing forces. These units, equipped with hydraulic drive control systems, ensure exact transportation and positioning.