Handling systems – Intelligent and quickly produced

Appropriate components and installation parts for material handling are the basis of the automation of a modern and effective production process. These include, for example, gripper systems, vacuum cross beams and clamping devices or lifting devices, gantry loaders and turning devices. Münstermann distribution systems are optimally designed for your needs: they transport, arrange, stack and store the most different products.

Whether it concerns sheet-like products or stones, bricks, pallets, transport boxes or stoneware liable to tip, the Münstermann distribution systems provide for safe and reliable loading and unloading.

Automation systems

The control units are of great importance for the reliability and quality of the plant. There are often differing grades of explosion protection and safety categories to be adhered to. Münstermann is not fixed to one supplier in its choice of appliances. We place your wishes and requirements in the forefront of our considerations. The hardware and control units are produced by our own specialist departments. Assembly and installation is taken care of by longstanding partners.

We can handle

  • Heavy clay pipes and other ceramic products such as bricks and tiles, dishes and refractory bricks
  • Sheets of safety glass
  • Robots for the stacking of pasted battery plates or ingots of brass
  • Packaging for the food industry filled with, for example, parakeet crackers or jelly babies