User specific special plants – Specialised on the something exceptional

The design and development of special machines is one of Münstermann’s core competences. Solutions required for special tasks for all areas of application are our specialities. Here are three examples from our experience:

Turntables for the production of submarine power cables

Power cables to wind parks offshore are laid in one piece from the wind parks to the mainland. During the production the cable is put on to a large turntable. Münstermann designs, develops and produces such turntables with a diameter of, for example, 35 metres and with a load capacity of 4000 tonnes. Ancillaries belonging to this unit also include: transportation of the cable from the stranding machine to the turntable, and all the requisite transport and cable tension as well as accumulator systems.

Forming sections for the glass and stone wool industry

In order to gather the glass and other material fibres together, to enrich them with a binding agent and to transport this to the curing oven special forming sections are utilised. These forming sections are mainly responsible for the even distribution of the fibres on to the conveyor belts and are therefore the basis of a high product quality. Münstermann designs, develops and produces forming sections in the most differing sizes and designs.

Cantilever for the paper industry

To produce rolls of paper special fabrics are necessary. As this concerns endless rolls the rollers have to be stored on an open-ended cantilever arm so that the fabric can be pulled over the rollers. The whole cantilever section can weigh, depending on design, up to 60 tonnes; the upper arm has a length of 18 metres. The deflection of the upper arm may, with a load made up of several rollers (up to a maximum weight of 160 tonnes), only amount to 120 millimetres measured at the open end of the cantilever.