Handling system with a turning device during a test-run
Handling system with a turning device during a test-run

Intelligent material handling of tundish moulds

Münstermann, in cooperation with Vesuvius, has developed an intelligent solution for the existing production plant for tundish moulds, which increase the efficiency and capacity by automated processes.

The job definition of the customer has been clearly defined. The existing plant, which was supplied in the main by Münstermann including the drying section, is to be extended in two phases. The capacity of the unit is to be increased and a second demolding section for the tundish moulds is to be provided in order to be able to react more flexibly to peaks in production.

How it works

The existing warehouse for the moulds was for this reason extended at two unloading areas. A conveyor has now been installed directly at the warehouse exit, which can accept the pallets with the moulds from both levels of the warehouse. It consists of two chain conveyors, which are fitted to the steel frame. The conveyors each take on a pallet from the warehouse. If the pallets are available from the warehouse, they are then taken on by a turning device, which then proceeds on rails on a portal frame from the warehouse exit to the demolding area.

The turning device collects the pallet via bolts, which are driven into holes in the pallets. In the demolding area it turns the pallet into a position, which is optimal for the unloading operative. Finally the turning device moves back to the conveyor and is then ready to receive a new pallet from the warehouse. The turning device, as an independent unit, is installed and operated under the existing gantry loader.

Special requirements due to harsh environment

The complete plant components are extremely dirt-resistant (sealed bearings, housings fitted to all components, easy access for cleaning and maintenance work etc.) and are included in the existing safety concept.