Magnets in the conveyor
Magnets in the conveyor

Handling for trial painting plant

The plant is part of a test facility, which is used to test steel profiles for test purposes. The profiles are conveyed with the handling system through a painting and blasting unit and a furnace.

The handling system consists of different chain conveyors, which can also be cross-processed in part. The steel components which are to be painted are placed on pointed mandrels in order to have as little contact with the conveyor as possible. Between the mandrels, non-contact magnets are mounted to keep the workpiece in position despite the small contact surface.

Flexible implementation

Since it is a test facility for the production of reference parts, much emphasis was placed on flexibility. The chain distance is automatically adjustable for different product widths. High demands are placed on the chain parallelism and the straightness of the chain (to avoid scratching).

The scope of supply includes two fixed chain conveyors for the dry ice blasting and painting area and for transport through the furnace (resistance up to 350 °C). Two cross conveyors ensure a space-saving transport. The entire system, consisting of several components, was planned according to customer requirements. Our partner is SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH from Emsdetten. Here, the test assembly is also carried out before the plant is set up at its final location in the second step.