View at the Knauf production plant in Lauffen
View at the Knauf production plant in Lauffen

New filter for Knauf Gips

One of the first large projects with our new MSK Filter Series was employed in the modernisation of a gypsum plant with vapour precipitators and its process piping for the hot gas and smoke generation at the Knauf Gips production plant in Lauffen.

Replacement for an old electrostatic precipitator

An  existing electrostatic precipitator was replaced by an offline MSK45-bag filter system with 10 chambers (design temperature of up to 200 °C).

Together with the actual filter unit Münstermann supplied the pipeline network including all the butterfly and control valves (process temperatures of up to 420 °C) as well as the process fans (throughput from 18,000 to 53,000 Bm3/h at a drive power from 22 kW to 250 kW).

The filter head is completely made of stainless steel and thermally well-decoupled in order to avoid dew point deviations.

Not only hardware was supplied

Engineering (design of the unit), production, delivery, installation supervision by a supervisor and the assistance with the commissioning was also included in the scope of delivery. The duration of the project amounted to six months from first contact to commissioning and was extremely short.

And finally the special point

The unit is equipped with a new type of dedusting system. Here this is a highly-efficient pulsejet cleaning system consisting of aluminium tanks with integrated solenoid-actuated membrane filters.