Large filter unit at Armstrong in Münster
Large filter unit at Armstrong in Münster

Home Game for Münstermann: Air Pollution Control in Münster

A long-standing customer in the neighbourhood of Münstermann is the company Armstrong. Armstrong relies on technology from the Münsterland for modernizing their exhaust-cleaning-equipment for an existing dryer.

A Project in the Neighbourhood

Münster, the location of Armstrong, is only 20 kilometres from Münstermann. Our customers are usually scattered around the world. Naturally, we are very pleased when a project arises within our own neighbourhood. Armstrong is a leading supplier of ceiling tiles. Armstrong has invested in the modernization of their exhaust-cleaning-equipment for an existing dryer.

Two step cleaning

The pollutants - in the exhaust - from the dryer are to be cleaned by an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation). The RTO system will not be supplied by Münstermann. The air from the dryer contains dust which would clog the ceramic body of the RTO; therefore, the air must first be dedusted by the Münstermann filter system.

Thermal Properties: Safety first

The temperature plays two important roles within the equipment. First, the temperature of the air to be cleaned by the filter bags is relatively high (210 °C). Second, and more importantly, the dew point must be avoided in the system before the air goes through the RTO. For this reason, in the critical temperature range the RTO provides heat via a bypass.

Further technical details

Over several suction ports, the exhaust gas is guided through the filter equipment. Larger dust particles are automatically redirected into the lower part of the housing. The residual dust is deposited onto the filter bags with < 1 mg/Nm3. The exhaust air flow volume exceeds 100,000 Bm3/hr.