Part of the scope of delivery under construction
Part of the scope of delivery under construction

Complete dust and exhaust extraction for Primary and Secondary

For an international operating cigarette manufacturer Münstermann will deliver in 2019 the complete dust and exhaust extraction for Primary (PMD) and Secondary (SMD).

Extraction for all systems

Starting in the PMD all processes with formation of dust will be exhausted, collected and pneumatically transported to the central filter room. Wet exhausts will be collected and treatet via a wet washer. At the end of the PMD processes the ready cut tobacco will be pneumatically transported from the feeders to the cigarette makers. 

Centralized air management system

The pneumatic cut rag transport is controlled by permanent air volume and air speeed measurement and regulation. In addition the velocity of the tobacco in the pipe will be measured and monitored. This so called air management system is controlled by a central switch cabinet. The dust from the cigarette makers from Hauni and Decouflé as well as the dust from the feeding process are exhaustedand transported pneumatically to the central filter room. Based on a waste management system all separated dust from the filters are pneumatically collected and transported to a central point, fractioned and packed.

Special features of the project

In this project the customer abstains for the time being from a heat recovery, odour neutralization (with active oxygen) as well as dust compacting station.

Given building structures will make necessary several fire shutters for pneumatic conveyors to separate the different fire protection areas.

A challenge for the design are the GEO data with requested earth quake zone for all installations and a very special wind resistance for the freestanding chimneys.